Unity Extensions

In my spare time I like to create universal extensions for Unity Engine and have been active on the market for over 8 years. I develop universal (for multiple purposes), modular (assemblable) and easy-to-use (ready for intermediate & non-programmers) extensions for Unity Engine users looking for complete solutions to enhance their projects.

Join my official Discord server for realtime support. Let me know what you think, what should be improved and what asset you are missing in the Unity Engine!

Sculpting Pro

Complete, multiplatform solution of mesh sculpting in Unity Engine.

MD Package

Ultimate collection of mesh modifiers, shaders, realtime editors & mesh tools in Unity Engine for beginners & advanced users.


Complete package of rendering technique called raymarching. Huge and modular package that offers user-friendly tools to create unique scenes full of fractals and organic objects in just a few seconds.

Mesh Tracker

Complete surface-tracking solution with modular brushes, canvases and additional tools. The plugin allows you to create advanced surface simulations of any type.

Color Picker

Simple tool that allows you to pick any color from any target texture source. The system is based on IPointer events (PC/Mobile) and Raycasting events (VR).


Universal database editor for saving & loading data in Unity with very familiar and user-friendly system.

File Dialog Explorer

Browse, edit and control your files & folders with the most user-friendly way directly in Unity Engine.

Path System

Universal plugin for creating virtual linear/ bezier splines. Create a simple path in just a few clicks without programming skills and make any object follow a path with unique behaviour.

Smart AR

Simple AR editor at realtime supported by AR Foundation. Edit any scene with user-friendly controls and modular navigation right on the place of happenning.

Language Localization

Simple and flexible localization tool. Localize your application in a matter of seconds.