In the meantime I make tiny programs for personal use or just for fun. All my other programs can be found below.

Hexa Editor

Hexa Editor is one of the first 2D editors that I made. I was 14 years old and I was playing around with databases, event systems & object interactions. When I was 15 I made a very simple & funny ‘game creator’ in Unity called Hexa Game Creator. It was really horrible so I quit and in 2016 I decited to make something really mine & creative, so I made Hexa Editor. User is able to create environment with colored blocks. It’s nice memory and I think it’s worth of sharing! The program is available to download for Windows 32/64bit.


Crypto Software is a program that allows you to store important data and encrypt it’s source. I made my own encrypted dictionary which stores numeric characters. The first version was released in 2017. Save your data locally in directory or in Windows registry. Available for Windows 32/64bit.

Simple Rasterizer

Simple Rasterizer demonstrates the basics of rasterization rendering technique. Made just for fun & educational purposes. Full source available on Github.

Jpg To Ascii

JpgToAscii allows you to convert any image to the ascii format in text. Bright pixels take thicker characters, dark pixels take thinner characters. Just for fun! Available for Windows 32/64bit.


XPaint allows you to edit & create images of regular size. It’s basically an updated copy of MS Paint. Features: quick image editor, quick drawing creator, various drawing sizes, ruler tool, fill tool, multi-colored brush, soft brush, history tool, fast accessibility. Available for Windows 32/64bit.

Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler allows you to schedule & list tasks you enter for the upcoming days, weeks, months or even years. I’ve been using this simple program in many projects. Available for Windows 32/64bit.