Full Name: Matej Vančo
Nationality: Slovak
Languages: Slovak, Czech, English

About Me

My name is Matej Vančo and I specialise in programming, design and animation. I attended a high school which specialises in animation and art in Bratislava, Slovakia. With over a decade of hands-on experience in real-time applications within both commercial and indie game sectors, I am capable of leading all elements of project development.

As a passionate technical artist and game developer, I am capable of creating and managing project architecture, utilising various rendering techniques (Raymarcher), developing universal extensions and tools (Modelling Extension for Unity, Mesh Sculpting, Kinect Mocap), writing custom shaders and VFX, designing eye-catching visuals and more.
I started programming in my early teens and it is still my favourite and primary role. I have led the back-end development of many projects, ported several video game titles to well-known platforms (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One) and created internal project infrastructures for other developers. I have made my own 2D engine called Poly Engine written in C# from scratch to extend my skills further.

I am currently creating universal software extensions and plugins for Unity Engine and selling them on the Unity Asset Store. It's been 8+ years since I've been involved in the Unity Asset Store as a publisher and interest in my products is still growing. In my free time I love travelling, stargazing, skiing, and making music.

Work Experience

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2013 - Present
Freelance Full Stack Developer
Since my first product was sold nearly a decade ago, I’ve worked as a freelance full stack developer for various clients/ companies worldwide.
2023 - 2024
Blindflug Studios
Technical Artist • Full-time • Remote • Zürich, Switzerland
I was responsible for writing shaders, managing rendering pipelines, and bridging the gap between art and programming. I was involved in a game project titled 'Ground Of Aces,' which achieved full funding on Kickstarter in less than 4 hours.
2022 - 2023
Senior Game Developer • Full-time • Remote
My responsibilities at Degenheim included constructing a complete AI framework called 'Entity System', designing custom shaders for various purposes (such as toon shading, outline features, volumetric fog, and renderer features), upkeeping a rendering pipeline, and producing marketing materials. Degenheim is an NFT startup project.
2021 - 2022
Meteoric s.r.o
Unity Developer • Contract • Remote • Prague, Czechia.
I handled the task of bringing the game 'Meteoric VR' to mobile devices and setting up a full multiplayer system that linked VR and mobile platforms. This allowed players to enjoy multiplayer matches between VR and mobile users.
2020 - 2022
Backup Plan s.r.o
Senior Game Programmer • Full-time • Remote • Bratislava, Slovakia.
I was part of an outsourcing team based in Bratislava, working for a Dutch publisher. I contributed to the development of the multiplatform game titled 'Angry Alligator,' with responsibilities ranging from managing technical aspects and shaping the game flow to successfully porting the game to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms.
2019 - 2022
Yahart s.r.o
AR/VR Developer • Contract • Hybrid • Trnava, Slovakia.
As a full stack AR/VR developer at Yahart Studio, I was responsible for the technical implementation of commercial and educational projects aimed at public institutions, schools, and museums.
2017 - 2021
ALIEN studio s.r.o
Technical Lead • Full-time • On-site • Bratislava, Slovakia.
I held responsibility for the technical aspects of the horror game titled 'DeadnessVR.' This included the core game architecture, rendering pipeline, multiplatform framework, and critical technical decisions that impacted project performance.

2018 - Present
Founder • Freelance • Slovakia.
I'm the founder of a creative studio that centers its efforts on innovative software research and game development.
2018 - 2020
Szeiner Software Company s.r.o
Tools Programmer • Freelance • Remote • Brno, Czechia.
I was responsible for developing internal tools for game projects and ensuring the maintenance of game systems in titles like Azulgar: Star Commanders.
2014 - 2018
Lusorion Creatives
Game Programmer • Freelance • Remote • Brno, Czechia.
I had the opportunity to contribute to the RPG game titled 'Azulgar: Star Commanders'. My responsibilities included designing the in-game editor for stations/ships and developing a straightforward player-versus-player multiplayer system.
2012 - 2013
Junior Technical Artist • Freelance • Remote • New Delhi, India.
During one of my early career opportunities, I had the privilege of being a young freelance Junior Technical Artist, collaborating remotely with a group named Softart based in India, New Delhi. My tasks included creating basic shaders and designing visual effects.
2011 - 2018
Matt's Creations
Developer • Freelance
Matt's Creations was my first independent project, mainly focused on creating digital content, particularly centered around video games!

Software Knowledge

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ExperiencedIntermediate Occasional
Unity Engine
Unreal Engine
Godot Engine
Experienced 10+ years of experience

I'm capable of clear project organization, involving the creation of complete real-time products for any platform, and developing universal-purpose tools. With over 8 years on the Unity Asset Store, where I have created various tools; I have become a verified seller and earned the full trust of the Unity staff. I have contributed to many tools, including a collection of mesh editors with various modifiers, a universal renderer called Raymarcher, and a comprehensive sculpting solution.
Intermediate 3+ years of experience

I primarily use Unreal Engine for rapid real-time visualization, and I have written several shaders for ray tracing. My focus mainly revolved around experimenting with blueprints, complemented by exploration of C++ code.
Occasional a few months of experience

I have ocassionally used the Godot Engine to assess its rendering capabilities, engaging in occasional testing to evaluate the engine's overall quality. Additionally I have written several shaders to further explore and analyze the engine's performance.
Programming Languages
Experienced 10+ years of experience

I'm capable of creating and managing the architecture of a game project, which involves areas such as input/output, database management, various rendering techniques, custom compiler algorithms, implementation of various design patterns and more. I began programming in my early teens, and it continues to be my favorite and primary role. Additionally, I'm familiar with the Dot NET framework.
Intermediate 3+ years of experience

I've employed C++ in a variety of applications and compilers, primarily drawn to its speed and efficiency. While I don't use C++ extensively and have not applied it for commercial purposes, I understand the syntax and semantics.
Occasional a few months of experience

I’ve occasionally used VB and other similar languages (F#, C, Java, Lua, Swift). During high school, I created a few prototypes and programs that helped me to extend my skills.
Shading Languages
Compute Shaders
Experienced5+ years of experience

I use the High Level Shading Language within the Unity Engine for shader development and managing the renderer pipeline. I've employed this language to create a custom renderer named Raymarcher.
Intermediate 5+ years of experience

I use the OpenGL Shading Language for rapid prototyping on platforms like ShaderToy. Additionally, I utilize it within the Godot engine for shader development, and I have applied it in the Phaser Engine.
Intermediate3+ years of experience

I use compute shaders within the Unity engine to perform GPU-side computations for various purposes, including procedural meshes, grass, voxels, and other arbitrary data.
Web/ Scripting Languages
Experienced 8+ years of experience

While HTML is not my primary focus, I occasionally use it for specific projects, particularly in the creation of custom websites. In early 2022, I developed a website for my studio, Struct9, and updated my portfolio page.
Experienced 8+ years of experience

CSS (along with HTML) serves me for adding a custom style for websites.
Intermediate 3+ years of experience

I occasionally use JS for developing interactive websites. I fully understand the syntax and semantics, but I have limited knowledge of various libraries and functionality in general as I’m not a professional web developer.
Occasional a few months of experience

I’ve mostly used Python for creating tiny games, quick database handlers or other prototypes. I’m also familiar with the other scripting languages (PHP, Lua, PowerShell, Bash).
Modeling Software
3Ds Max
Experienced 10+ years of experience

I started with 3D graphics when I was 10 years old when my father introduced me to the Autodesk 3Ds Max software. I was blown away with its potential. I fully understand all the features of 3Ds Max and the structure of 3D graphics in general. I’m very confident with modifiers, animation, simulations, rendering, VRay, texturing, rigging and overall workflow.
Intermediate 4+ years of experience

I use Blender for creating 3D geometry and rendering scenes. However, I've used Blender rarely, as my preference for modeling software leans towards 3Ds Max.
Occasional a few months of experience

I used Sketchup for a few months just for curiosity and to extend my modeling skills when I was still at school.
Sculpting Software
Experienced 6+ years of experience

I’ve used Mudbox for advanced modeling & sculpting details on meshes created in 3Ds Max. I don't currently use Mudbox but I’m very comfortable with using most of the features.
Occasional2+ years of experience

I used ZBrush very rarely as I mostly used Mudbox. But I very liked the interface and I wanted to extend my software knowledge back in the times. I don't use ZBrush nor Mudbox nowadays as I mostly work as a developer.
Animation Software
Motion Builder
Experienced 6+ years of experience

I've utilized MotionBuilder extensively for animation editing, cleaning, and tweaking, including mocap handling and animation recording. I understand all features within Autodesk MotionBuilder, including actor setup, custom solvers, and plugins for development acceleration. I own the Perception Neuron Motion Capture pack.
Occasional a few months of experience

I used Houdini (in Unity) for a few months in 2021 just for curiosity. I’d definitely like to spend more time learning Houdini in the future as it's a huge development accelerator for procedurally generated data.
Texturing Software
Substance Painter
Substance Designer
Experienced 4+ years of experience

I use Substance Painter for texturing and creating materials for 3D models. I understand all its features and I'm very familiar with the terminology of texture types and their behaviors.
Occasional a few months of experience

I experimented with Substance Designer for a few months out of curiosity. Since I own Substance Painter, I wanted to try Substance Designer for further exploration.
Other Essentials
MS Office
Adobe Collection

Word, PowerPoint & Excel. I’m extremely comfortable with all the programs in the MS Office bundle.

Including: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Bridge, Illustrator, Dreamwave and XD.
I excel at image editing, video editing, visual effects, video converters and code environments (IDEs).


• Self taught
• Open to criticism
• Able to take leading responsibilities
• Able to take new challenges
• Aiming for efficiency and modularity
• Can deal with sharp deadlines
• Communicative
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