I really love creating things that let others create things. I’ve been working on custom language algorithms containing full syntax dictionaries, semantics and functionality to create simple, dynamic and interactive applications at runtime.


APiDocsToHTML is a simple convertor from custom APi documentation to the readable HTML documentation. Convert your code to the readable APi documentation in a markup HTML style. All programmers know how painful it is to document a code/APi in a readable format for all human beings. This simple tool allows you to create custom APi databases that can be later converted to the HTML pages. Personally I needed to save some time and I wanted to document my code much effectively. More on github below.
Github Page

Hash Compiler

Hash Compiler is a procedural & linear interpreted language written in C++ using .Net Framework 4.8. The development started in 2017, I was student on high school playing around programming stuff and trying to make something initiative. The language itself is quite easy to understand, uses shortcuts, supports dynamic variables, custom functions, ‘line jumps’, file streaming Input/Output & additional user-friendly methods. Compiler runs linearly, starting by zero line & ending by total length. The package contains 32 & 64 bit version of the Hash Compiler language and universal programming editor called Hash Editor. Hash Editor contains some examples which can be useful for new users. Hash Compiler itself is written in C++, Hash Editor (IDE) in C#. More about this language on github below.
Github Page

Rion Language

Rion Language is very fresh and uncompleted “language” with very basic syntax and dictionary. The ‘language’ was specially developed for Szeiner Company s.r.o. for educational purposes. The language contains very basic commands such as console output, modular mathematical calculations and variable decleration of integer type. Spaces & new lines are independent from the final compilation. You can check out the testing text file with very basic example which is included in the language folder. The language itself is not productive, it’s cancelled prototype with nice idea. I wrote the ‘language’ when I was 14 years old. Rion Language is written in C++.